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Time for an Upgrade! Park Life Designs Has the Best Pet Bowls Out There

By March 9, 2019June 27th, 2019No Comments

Park Life Designs, a company that provides pet bowls, treat jars, and food storage containers, wanted to create products that were both fashion-focused and affordable. Not only that, but they wanted to make sure that the products they created were functional for the pets that eat (and the humans that feed). It’s a company that is growing and is one of the best small companies in the pet world.

My goldendoodle, Potato, has always had metal food and water bowls. Well, not always. We originally started out with fashionable ceramic bowls, but they just weren’t functional! One even chipped almost immediately, right after we got it. Since then, we’ve stuck to boring metals bowls, but I’ve never been that fond of the way they looked. I thought we’d be stuck with them forever. Luckily, that all changed when I found Park Life Designs!

I’ve always wanted fashionable pet bowls for Potato. Because, why not? There are so many options for ceramic bowls. But when I went to the store, I’d find pretty ones that weren’t durable or durable ones that weren’t pretty. When I came upon Park Life Designs, I fell head over heels for their beautiful, unique, and well-made pet bowls!

These bowls are so fun. Plus, there are plenty of different, fashion-forward designs to choose from. Each bowl is heavy, so it won’t topple over and spill whether it contains food or water. And cleanup is a breeze as their pet bowls are completely dishwasher safe. The ceramic that they use is 100% FDA approved, so it’s safe for your pets. And while Potato is a dog, Park Life Designs knows that cat owners out there want options too which is why they also has plenty of products for cats as well.

I chose two different bowls for Potato. The first is the Boavista Pet Bowl. It is covered in multicolor polka dots and has an “I Love My Pet” emblem in the center of it. Potato is super goofy and loves a good playdate. This bowl felt like it matched his fun side for sure!

The other bowl I chose more for my personality, but I don’t think Potato will mind that much. It’s called the Daze Pet Bowl and has a gold marble design on it. There’s a “Live, Love, Woof” emblem in the middle of the bowl and the entire thing is just gorgeous. The two bowls together are wonderful. They aren’t overly matchy and are more artsy when put together.

Park Life Designs has everything you’ve ever wanted when it comes to pet bowls. Also, don’t forget to check out their treat jars and food storage containers. Some of the treat jars even match the pet bowls! These affordable pet bowls are awesome for your dog, but can also make great gifts. Order now and they’ll ship it right your front door!

With all the options Park Life Designs provides, what’s stopping you? There are so many beautiful options, all durable and affordable! Check out Park Life Designs to find pet bowls for your pup now!

About the Author: Potato is a multi-generational goldendoodle living in Durham, North Carolina. Follow him on Instagram (@potatodoodle) to keep up with his daily adventures!

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