Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start reviewing products?

Becoming a Pupfluencer is easy! Simply browse our website and request products you qualify for. Is this your first time on our website? Please make sure to register first.

What are the typical review requirements?

Most vendors require influencers to make 1-2 feed posts and one website review. A few vendors have different requirements, so be sure to read the requirements carefully before applying.

How will I know if I get chosen to work with a vendor?

We will contact you via Instagram (from @pupfluence or @pupgagement) and/or email if you are chosen to review the product you requested. You will be added to a group chat with other influencers who will be reviewing the same product on a similar timeline.

I don't meet the minimum follower count. Can I still request to review a product?

Most vendors are strict about the minimum requirements they set and may not consider accounts that do not meet the follower count they are looking for. However, from time-to-time, vendors may still accept accounts that have high engagement and produce good, quality content. It doesn’t hurt to submit a request and see what happens!

How long does it take to find out if I'm accepted to review a product?

The amount of time varies from vendor to vendor. Some vendors choose influencers frequently (on a weekly basis), some select a few accounts per month, and others take up to one month or longer to even filter through their requests.

As mentioned above, you will be notified via Instagram and/or email to let you know your request has been approved. If you haven’t been contacted after a month or so, feel free to send another request.

My account has grown since I first submitted a request. Should I send another one?

That’s fantastic news! Typically, it isn’t necessary for you to submit another request unless you initially didn’t meet the vendor’s minimum follower count. Each vendor you apply to work with visits your social media account and will of course take into consideration your growth.

If you haven’t been contacted after a month or so, feel free to send another request.

I'm no longer interested in reviewing a product I requested. What should I do?

We get it — life happens and our needs change. A product that interested you months ago may no longer serve a purpose in your current situation. Please contact us via email or send us a message on Instagram about your pending requests and we will try our best to assist you.

If you are approved to review a product you are no longer interested in, please let us know you wish to opt out ASAP so the vendor doesn’t end up shipping their product to you.

Please note: If you fail to communicate that you wish to opt out, you will be responsible for fulfilling the post requirements outlined on our website since you agreed to them by submitting the initial request. If you cannot fulfill them, you will be asked to return the product to the vendor at your own expense.

How do I get paid to review products?

Accounts with more than 25,000 followers are eligible to receive payment as an “elite influencer.” Elite influencers can specify what they will charge for a feed post or story post when requesting products. To become an elite influencer, sign up here and we’ll reach out to you with any other necessary information and to discuss further details.