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Make Bath Time a Breeze with the Aquapaw

By April 17, 2019June 28th, 20192 Comments

For most of us, taking a bath is a calming experience. They help us unwind, reduce stress, improve our mental well-being and provide countless other benefits besides keeping us clean and smelling great. For our pets, however, bathing may be anything but relaxing. Between the water, the noise, the confinement, the scrubbing and the suds, it’s no wonder why your dog may sprint in the opposite direction at the sight of the tub.

While your dog may enjoy swimming in lakes and pools or even chasing the sprinkler, there’s something about bath time that most dogs dread. Thankfully, there are some tips and tools out there that can help make bath time an easier and more enjoyable experience for pets and their owners alike.

If your dog is struggling (or if you are the one stressing about bath time), check out the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool. This gadget has made our lives so much easier. According to the Aquapaw website, this tool is the world’s first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be turned on and off with a simple click of a button. Let’s dig into the three top reasons why we love this product so much and why we’ll opt for the Aquapaw again and again.

Reduces Stress

Before we used the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool, the dogs would fight us tooth and nail during bath time. It was so bad that they would dart out of the room when we pulled out the shampoo because they knew what was coming. We have noticed a huge change within our dogs since we’ve started using this product. They are more accepting — sometimes even excited — before and during bath time, and best of all, less stressed and anxious. Bath time has been a breeze for us too. A great thing about this tool is that you only need one hand to operate it. This way, you can always use your other hand to comfort your dog as they soak up the suds.

Works Effectively

Perhaps the most important benefit of the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool is that it actually works! In fact, it works so well that we’ve brought it along to self-wash bathing stations. There isn’t another tool out there that allows you to both spray AND scrub. This gadget is the best for massaging It’s so effective at thoroughly wetting down our dogs’ coats (and, as Labradors, they both have that special topcoat that repels water). It’s also so easy to turn on or off in a click of a button. After initially wetting down our dogs’ coats, we apply shampoo and massage it into their coats without water. Normally, we would let the water run because it would be too difficult to turn off the water, especially when bathing outside with the hose. Now, it’s never been more simple to stop the flow of water for a few minutes while you massage shampoo into your dog’s coat. We’ve had our Aquapaw for months, have gotten many good uses out of it and never had any issues that have made us question the quality of the product.

Allows Indoor and Outdoor Use

What we love most about this product is that it can be used indoors OR outdoors! The Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool even comes with adapters so you can connect it to your shower head or garden hose in as little as a minute. We tend to bathe the pups in the house during the cooler months (though that’s not very often since we live in Houston) and wash them outside with the hose when it’s warm and the weather is nice (roughly 90% of the time). We’ve had no issues installing it on our shower head then later installing it outside on our hose.

In addition to relieving stress, working effectively and being a very versatile tool, the Aquapaw is also backed by a lifetime warranty. On the website, it states the following about the warranty:

At Aquapaw, LLC, we strive to create products you will love and that will last.

Our products are warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship, for life.  For more info read our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

It gives us a peace of mind knowing that the company stands behind their product and will replace it of anything happened to our current one as long as it hasn’t been purposefully damaged, abused or repaired by someone else. This is one of the many pluses of going with a product that is backed by a warranty. There’s nothing better than purchasing a quality product that is designed to last from a trustworthy manufacturer.

The Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool quickly became one of our bath time essentials and we’re confident you can see why. Add this tool to your collection and bath time will surely become a breeze!

About the Author: Fanta and Friends is made up of a pack of three Labrador retrievers from Houston, Texas, who love to share tips, tricks and treats from their dog-friendly experiences. Follow us along on Instagram at @FantaandFriends to keep up with trio.


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    i keep seeing this product and others like it and wondered if it worked. thank you for your incite!

    • Hi Jocelyn,

      Thanks for inquiring about the Aquapaw and I apologize for the late response. I personally believe that it works very well! I rarely bathe my dogs without it now that I have one. If you are interested in trying it out, I’d put in a request to review their bathing tool or slow treater. If you have any specific questions about the functionality of either of the tools, feel free to ask. I’m happy to help!

      Happy bathing!
      Kaitlyn & Fanta

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