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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pupfluence?

Pupfluence is a premiere network of  pet influencers, bloggers and content creators that can help your brand connect with advocates who can share your story. Whether you’re a small shop or well-established brand, Pupfluence can simplify the influencer process for you.

What is expected of brands on Pupfluence?

Brands are typically expected to send out free products to influencers that they approve. Alternatively, they can also pay influencers to make a sponsored post.

What are influencers required to do after they receive free product?

At a minimum, influencers are required to make one social media feed post and leave one review on your company’s website. You can choose to change these requirements at any time. Some other popular requests are Instagram story posts and video reviews.

Who sets the minimum requirements for influencers?

You do! You let us know the requirements you would like each follower to have on your Brand Application, including follower count and where you can ship. You also let us know how many posts are required and any additional requirements you’d like to request.

How much will this service cost me?

Pupfluence is a monthly subscription service. Each brand will receive 30 days of free service beginning the date they are added to our website. Please email me at for more information on pricing.

What if the influencer doesn't post?

We’ve worked with thousands of influencers, and it’s rare for one to receive product and not post. If the account refuses to post and will not return the unopened product, then we will ban them from making future requests on Pupfluence.