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No Bones About It: The Benefits of Bones

By December 17, 2018June 28th, 20192 Comments

Have you ever heard the phrase, “an occupied dog is a happy dog”? Most likely you haven’t heard that before because I made the phrase up; however, it couldn’t be more true!

Owning and living with three active dogs can get hectic. It isn’t easy. Despite how much I love them, it’s both time-consuming and draining. Something I rely on, as a dog owner, are activities that are mentally stimulating as well as beneficial to my dogs’ wellbeing. Specifically, I’m a huge fan of long-lasting bones and chews.

“When you give a dog a chew bone, you’re doing a lot more than giving him something to chew on.”

One thing in particular that I want to focus on and reiterate in this post is quality. A quality brand that I will never hesitate to buy from is Redbarn. Redbarn makes natural, high quality products for dogs ranging from chews, treats and food, and strives to produce healthy, wholesome and innovative pet food and treats. What started as a business run out of a garage, Redbarn now has a portfolio of nearly 200 products for pets and operates in a centrally-located factory in the United States. Despite the fact that the company stands behind their ingredients and is 100% transparent about them, you don’t have to worry when you buy from Redbarn because you know you are going to get a quality, natural chew.

The Benefits of Bones

Chewing on bones helps dogs of all ages in a number of ways. Whether your dog enjoys a good rawhide, a nylon bone or a natural and more long-lasting bone, there are many benefits that come along with a good chew session. I prefer Redbarn’s filled bones, natural bones or coated bones. All three types essentially come with two treats in one as that once the filling, coating or meat is gone, there is still an all-natural bone to chew on and reuse.


Like humans, dogs that do not have anything to do get bored. What happens when dogs get bored? Nothing good, I say! A long-lasting chew, such as a Redbarn filled bone, can entertain your dog for hours and keep his mind stimulated.

I have a difficult time trusting my dogs, especially Fanta, to be left alone in the house. When she is out alone, she has a tendency to find things to get into in order to relieve boredom. However, by giving her a special treat like a meaty bone as I leave the house, I come home to find her in the same spot I left her in, still going to town on her bone. I’m so happy to have found a brand like Redbarn with a variety of bones and chews that will keep my active dogs busy, calm, and most importantly, happy.


Most dogs of all ages have an innate urge to chew and bones and toys are an important part of a dog’s development. Appropriate chews not only provide mental stimulation, but also an outlet for normal chewing drive and a positive alternative to destructive chewing. I recommend having a stimulating variety of bones and chews available for your dog at all times, because dogs, like children, easily become bored with the same toys. I don’t know another brand that offers such a variety of quality bones and chews other than Redbarn. Their filled bones, natural bones or coated bones are all good options to satisfy that natural desire.

Speaking of variety, another benefit to buying a bone from Redbarn, particularly one of the natural or filled bones, is that you are able to reuse them. My dogs will work at the filling for a few days, and once it’s completely gone, I can fill the bone up with something new. After the dogs demolished their peanut butter and jelly filled bone, I added in a mixture of nonfat plain greek yogurt, peanut butter and blueberries, and froze the bone until the filling was solid in consistency before allowing the dogs to have at it again.


Not only do bones provide a number of mental benefits, they also provide many health benefits. When dogs gnaw on bones, toys and chews, these items help scrape away plaque, which causes bad breath and could lead to other serious dental problems. The action of chewing controls tartar buildup and helps scrape off even the most stubborn plaque, preventing gum disease and keeping exposed surfaces smooth and harder for plaque to adhere to. It is a known fact that dogs that chew actively have less plaque build-up.

Choosing the Right Bone

If you are on the market for a new bone for your pup, consider choosing a bone that matches your dog’s chewing rate and habits. Size, shape, hardness and flavor are all important aspects to consider before settling on a bone. Almost all dogs enjoy chewing bones, but the key is finding the right size, type and flavor your pet enjoys most. It’s important to keep your dog chewing so they can experience the benefits outlined above. Finding a quality bone your dog approves of is an art (sort of…), so browse Redbarn’s website, experiment with different kinds and have fun with it!

*Even the best bones, chews and toys experience normal wear and tear. Bones toys and chews should be routinely checked for any damage, splintering or wear. Special attention should be paid to ensure the chew has not become so worn that it is a chocking or ingesting hazard. Some dogs are voracious chewers and will destroy even the strongest, safest toys, bones and chews. Use your best judgment before giving your dog an item to chew.

About the Author: Fanta and Friends is made up of a pack of three Labrador retrievers from Houston, Texas, who love to share tips, tricks and treats from their dog-friendly experiences. Follow us along on Instagram at @FantaandFriends to keep up with trio.


  • I have a dog that wants to eat anything I make. I like how you mention a dog bone can entertain your dog for hours and keep his mind stimulated. Thank you for the information. I’ll purchase online for a bone for my dog to keep him entertained while I make our meal.

    • Hi Jay,

      I apologize for the late response. You are very welcome for the information! Have you had a chance to give this a shot and give your dog a bone to occupy himself while you cook your food? If you have, how has it gone? There are so many different types of bones out there too, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different ones. My dogs absolutely love filled bones — which are great because after they lick all the ‘goods’ out, I can re-fill them again myself — and raw meaty bones.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

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