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Dr. Dobias – an all-natural multi vitamin for your pooch

By March 15, 2019June 27th, 2019No Comments

For the last few weeks we have been trying out a new product and I’d love to share with you more about this amazing find. For the longest time, I have been looking for a good and well balanced multi vitamin to add to Olive’s food, and finally I have found one that suits my need. So let’s talk about Dr. Dobias!

I’m a sucker for pretty websites!

First things first – I’m a sucker for pretty website and good marketing, and Dr. Dobias sure has it done well. They have a variety of items available on their web shop, all natural and organic, as well as a bunch of great blog posts and articles and even courses. I love that Peter Dobias himself is a licensed veterinarian and therefore actually knows what he is talking about, and I love the possibility to do some quizzes to find what products your pup might benefit from.

Put it in a glass!

Apart from pretty websites I’m definitely a sucker for pretty packaging too. We chose to try out the “Soulfood” multi vitamin and apart from the awesome name, the packaging is a big score as well. I love that they use glass jars – they are reusable and less damaging to the environment.

Going au Naturel – an organic multi vitamin.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the product itself. Soulfood is a completely natural and certified organic product. The vitamins all come from a fully natural fermentation process causing the product to be easier to digest for animals. Apart from the vitamins there is also a bunch of other ingredients that were added to it too, for example turmeric, parsley, dandelion, basil, apple cider vinegar and more. And have I said there is no synthetic vitamins in here at all? Big plus for me!

The big question: Does she like it?

For the last month we have been adding ¾ a teaspoon to each of Olives meal, and we’ve seen some great changes in her. Firstly, the product smells super delicious and herby – really nice and inviting smell. Olive is a very picky eater, but she hasn’t refused any food and I actually feel like she has been eating better since adding the vitamins to her food.

A balanced doggo.

I do always find powders quite “dry” so on Olive’s kibble days (she sometimes gets kibble sometimes raw) I tend to add some water to make it more palatable for her. Other effects I have noticed is that she seems to have a more steady and balanced energy level. She hasn’t gotten more or less energy, it just seems more balanced throughout the day. I find her coat to look healthier too and it seems like her behavior is more balanced overall.

She’s always been a healthy pup, but I feel like these multi vitamins just give that little boost I felt like she needed, especially with the change of seasons coming up, and I’m really happy with this product.

In conclusion: a happy Dogmom.

In short, this product is a fully natural multi vitamin that has no artificial or synthetic vitamins in it. It is easy to digest, smells delicious and my pup loves the taste too. The ingredients are certified organic and it has been formulated by a veterinarian. Olive loves it and I feel like it has a great effect on her overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, I’d definitely recommend it to other dogmoms!

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