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Choosing Quality Supplements for Your Dog

By September 18, 2019No Comments

Many people are told early on in life the importance of adding vitamins and supplements to their daily routines. The same is true for our dogs. While vitamins and supplements are not the answer for everything, using them correctly will definitely have its benefits.

Canine joint health seems to be a concern among pet owners no matter what stage of life their dog is in. Whether your dog is a senior, a couch potato, an active adult or a growing puppy, adding a supplement to your dog’s diet to aid in mobility may be a good idea. While there are many factors to determine whether supplementing is right for your dog — such as breed, age, health history, etc. — I always recommend consulting your veterinarian prior to making any drastic changes to their routine, even if you are just adding supplements to their diet.

As an owner of large-breed dogs, I believe adding a joint supplement to my dogs’ routine is vital. My vet actually recommends starting chondroprotective agents — which protect the joints and are usually found in most joint supplements — as early as possible in any dog that may be predisposed to the development of osteoarthritis and hip or elbow dysplasia.

Choosing the Best Fit

While there is no “right” choice when it comes to picking a joint supplement, we decided to go with Fera Pet Organics’ Hip + Joint Supplement for Dogs. While this supplement supports joint and bone health as well as enhances joint function for dogs of all sizes, I also use Fera Pet Organics’ Fish Oil for Dogs to compliment the joint supplement.

Many people don’t realize that fish oil has more benefits than just helping your dog achieve a soft, shiny (and healthy) coat. On Fera Pet Organic’s website, it’s stated that their fish oil has the following benefits:

  • Skin & Coat: Helps achieve a soft, shiny and healthy coat
  • Musculoskeletal: Nutritional support for joint strength and flexibility
  • Cardiovascular: Promotes heart function and normal circulation
  • Immune System: Nutritional support for healthy immune function
  • Neurological: Supports brain health and function

Why Fera Pet Organics?

I love both of these products for reasons beyond their main purpose. The statement below outlines why I believe Fera Pet Organics is a top contender when it comes to choosing a pet supplement company to buy from.

After seeing numerous cases of dogs with musculoskeletal issues secondary to the normal “wear and tear” aging process, Dr. Dulake searched for a joint supplement that combined both natural/holistic and traditional ingredients. After minimal results, she decided to formulate her own joint supplement, making sure it included high-quality natural ingredients while maintaining a flavor that is DELICIOUS for all dogs. This marks the birth of Fera Pet Organics, where we continue to provide high-quality, effective supplements for your dogs and cats.

All products made by Fera Pet Organics are veterinarian-formulated and contain natural, organic ingredients. As a pet parent, I’m at ease knowing that the pet products made by this company are more than just natural — they’re designed with holistic wellness in mind and are created by an expert in pet health.

Additionally, Fera Pet Organics takes the guesswork out of adding supplements to your dog’s routine. When it comes to our dogs, capsules of glucosamine or fish oil alone aren’t the most effective treatment. When combined with other ingredients, glucosamine, for instance, can become much more powerful, thus bringing your dog better results. Fera Pet Organic’s Hip + Joint Supplement for Dogs contains glucosamine sulfate and is combined with MSM, organic turmeric, and chondroitin. Together, these nutrients support healthy joints by providing natural relief with improved flexibility, reduced inflammation, and strengthen cartilage and joints.

Products aside, I love how it is part of Fera Pet Organics’ mission to reduce the amount of homeless pets by donating a portion of their proceeds to high-impact initiatives. The company is currently supporting a local Los Angeles rescue, Wags & Walks. When a company makes giving-back a priority, I am happy to know that a percentage of their profits will benefit charities in need.

Is It Worth It?

Some people may never understand the purpose of adding supplements to their dog’s routine. When you do it correctly, however, there are benefits — especially when it comes to joint health. I personally strive to keep my dogs as healthy as can be at every stage throughout their lives. So many dogs, both old and young, are affected by stiff joints, hip and elbow dysplasia, and arthritis. As someone who owns Labrador retrievers — a breed that’s predisposed and heavily impacted by these conditions — I think supplements are a necessity in order to improve and aid in joint health and mobility. Is it worth it? To me, absolutely! To you… Well, that’s for you to decide. I definitely recommend trying Fera Pet Organics’ Hip + Joint Supplement for Dogs and their Fish Oil for Dogs before making any decisions.

About the Author: Fanta and Friends is made up of a pack of three Labrador retrievers from Houston, Texas, who love to share tips, tricks and treats from their dog-friendly experiences. Follow us along on Instagram at @FantaandFriends to keep up with trio.

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