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Helping Your Pet Smell Better | Oxyfresh Pet Products Review

By November 30, 2018July 2nd, 2019No Comments

Does your cat or dog have stinky breath? Are your blankets and pillows starting to smell… a little funky? Is your best friend having a hard time hearing you lately? It could be from his dirty ears (lol!). Don’t worry all, we have a solution for you!

We had the amazing opportunity to try some of Oxyfresh pet products. If you’ve never heard of Oxyfresh before, they create naturally safe and environmentally friendly products for humans and pets. Oxyfresh is known for their Oxygene ingredient. This safe, non-toxic ingredient neutralizes odors on a molecular level. It gently dissolves the bonds of the sulfur compounds (the ones that cause smelly odors), completely eliminating bad smells. After looking through their long list of products for pets, we decided to try out the Pet Deodorizer, Ear Cleaner, and Dental Water Additive.

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer

What’s in the bottle? The deodorizer spray is cruelty free, free of parabens, dye free, vetrinarian recommended, non toxic, flavor free, alcohol free, and made in the USA. PHEW! That was a mouthful.

How often do you have to bathe your dog? Perhaps a better question is how long does it take your dog to get stinky again after a bath? We were most excited to try out Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer to help Navy smell a little better in between bathing. We used to use wipes specifically made for dogs to help keep Navy clean between bathing. The wipes work fine for removing dirt and leaves Navy with a fresh scent after a quick wipe down. Unfortunately, the wipes don’t actually take the smell away, it just masks it. (Please tell me I am not the only one that hates air fresheners. They just mask the odors! Truthfully, many of these air fresheners give me a headache. Zach knows to only spray when I am not home.)

We are officially fans of the deodorizer spray in our house. It really is too easy. To neutralize odors you can spray the deodorizer on pet bedding, clothing, carpeting, around litter boxes, kennels, cages, etc. And the best part is it can be sprayed directly on your pet to help eliminate odors. Believe us, this spray was an absolute lifesaver with all the rain we’ve been having in Northern Virginia.

Ear Cleaner

It’s no secret that Navy has some big ears. Yes the rumor is true. She did win a biggest ear competition (there was some STIFF competition). Because she has these big ears, we want to do our best to keep them clean. As we stated above, we normally used wipes to keep Navy clean between baths. The wipes are great for getting dirt out of the tops of her ears, but not in her ears.

Oxyfresh ear cleaner has a number of amazing benefits. It helps provide itch relief for both dogs and cats. It is alcohol free, meaning it is non-iritating for pets. There are also no harsh chemicals, additives, or fragrances that could irritate sensitive ears. Like all of their products, vetrinarians approve of Oxyfresh ear cleaner!

The Oxygene ingredient in the ear cleaner neutralizes oder causing bacteria while also gently cleaning deep into the ear canal to remove wax buildup, ear mites, and dirt. This helps prevent infections and costly vet bills–I like the sound of that! Navy on the other hand did not like the ear cleaner (what pet does?!). We do our best to keep her ears dry to prevent infections so I think the cleanser going into her ears bothered her. However, we do NOT like dirty ears and ear infections in this house, so practice makes perfect.

Pet Dental Water Additive

Last and certianly not least, we sampled the pet dental water additive. Are we bad pet parents if we admit we don’t brush Navy’s teeth every day? We’ve been incredibly lucky that Navy does not have any issues with her teeth. Navy is very sensitive when it comes to people touching her mouth, which means we have to find other ways to keep her teeth clean and mouth smelling good.

We’ve seen mouth washes for dogs that claim to leave your pet’s breath smelling minty fresh. That’s all fine and dandy, but Navy is one picky girl. If she smells anything added to her water she will not touch it. Oxyfresh pet dental water additive is an odor free formula that can be added to your dog’s water bowl. If your pet likes water they will love the water additive because it is odorless and tasteless! While your pet is drinking water the additive will help eliminate pet breath, fight plaque and tartar, and keep their mouth clean without brushing. Both mom and dad are loving Navy’s fresh breath!

Where to find Oxyfresh Pet Products?

Oxyfresh pet products can be purchased online, directly through their website. They even have a subscribe and save option to help you save between 10-30%. Have a question or comment? Reach out to Oxyfresh on Facebook, Instagram, or by email.

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