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Give Your Dog an ID Tag You’ll Both Love with Hattie Rex

By September 9, 2018July 2nd, 2019No Comments

Hattie Rex, a company based out of Bozeman, Montana, creates handmade ID tags for dogs. What was once a small, one-woman operated Etsy business has now flourished into a major company, giving dogs all across the country the chance to celebrate their unique sense of style.

A dog’s ID tag is like the human equivalent of a wedding ring: it’s that one piece of jewelry that not only connects you to them, but is something they will never take off (for the most part anyway). I wanted to get my goldendoodle, Potato, an ID tag that not only showed off his style, but also showed the sentiment I had for him. I wasn’t sure what to do until I found Hattie Rex!

For this good boy, I wanted an ID tag that was light, but durable. He loves to play, so I knew it couldn’t be fragile. That being said, I didn’t want to sacrifice style for substance either (or vice versa). I wanted both! I thought that was going to be my biggest problem, but I was wrong. My biggest problem wasn’t that I couldn’t find what I wanted with Hattie Rex; it’s that I loved pretty much everything they had to offer!

These tags are gorgeous, each with a different style. There are traditional styles, like ones shaped like a dog bone or stamped with a paw print. Others are more modern, like one of my personal favorites that reads: “Keep Calm and Call My Mom.” There are rocket ship shaped tags, layered tags, and even a kitty bell ID tag too.

I always joke that Potato is a complex dog and in this case, that couldn’t be more than true. I could make a case for so many of these ID tags that picking was getting difficult. It wasn’t until I saw the Reagan Pet Tag that everything changed. It immediately felt like this was the one for him.

This tag is named for the dog, Reagan. The description says that Reagan is an adventurer, just like my Potato. And while Potato is very much a city dog, he loves being outside. This tag is unique, yet classy. It’s cute, yet durable. If I could dream up the perfect tag for Potato, it wouldn’t even stand a chance next to this Hattie Rex ID tag. This was everything I wanted for him and then some.

Then it was onto customizing it for Potato. Each of Hattie Rex’s ID tags truly are original, with each made in the best way possible. From the beginning to when the tags are nothing more than thick sheets of metal, to the end when your pup’s personal information is being engraved on, Hattie Rex makes sure your dog gets the royal treatment.

Hattie Rex has everything you would ever want. Besides dog tags, they also sell jewelry for humans too! The even sell BFF jewelry for you and your dog to share. And although their brick and mortar is in Montana, they’ll ship everything directly to your front door.

With everything you could ever want from a dog ID tag, why wait? Check out Hattie Rex to find the best ID tag for your dog and use code PUPFLUENCE at save 10% on your order! The options are endless and the care is irreplaceable! Just like Hattie Rex always says: Hattie brings you home.

About the Author: Potato is a multi-generational goldendoodle living in Durham, North Carolina. Follow him on Instagram (@potatodoodle) to keep up with his daily adventures!

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