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Keep Your Pet Happy with Healthy Treats

By August 25, 2018July 2nd, 2019No Comments

What’s your go-to for treats and chews? We are usually drawn to treats that are available for pick-up at our local pet supplier, but most of our options are not ideal for our dogs. Like the majority of pet owners, health is our primary concern, and unfortunately, there’s always a catch when it comes to treat options that are easily accessible to us. We are bombarded with treats that are filled with artificial additives, sourced from outside the country and made with questionable ingredients.

We’ve learned that the best treats are those that contain ingredients you can pronounce. Better yet, we’ve been advised to look for treats that contain as little as ONE ingredient. Much like the treats from Green Butterfly Brands we received, all-natural treats mean that they are made with minimal ingredients, making it easier for our pets to maintain their overall health.

Green Butterfly Brands natural treats are:

  • 100% gluten-free and grain-free
  • made with limited ingredients sourced from the United States
  • free of fillers, preservatives or artificial flavors and colors

Getting to the good stuff

Luckily, we were able to get our hands on a variety of healthy options. Fanta was beyond excited to try the “Natural Turkey Treats” from Green Butterfly Brands — I think she was able to smell them before we even opened them! These are ideal to use during training because they are able to be broken into multiple pieces without crumbling even though they are crunchy sticks. While training, I consider these treats to be high-value rewards and best to use while teaching my dog something new or getting AND keeping my dog’s attention. The pungent smell will surely have your dog begging for more, and fortunately, you won’t feel guilty giving your dog an extra turkey treat (or two!) due to how healthy they are.

While treats aren’t a necessity in every household, they keep our dogs happy, especially when we want to reward them for appropriate behavior. Our dogs are expected to behave a particular way in the house, and we love praising them to acknowledge a calm, submissive state of mind. We feel at ease knowing that “Tail Mix” from Green Butterfly Brands is another healthy treat alternative. These treats keep our dogs wondering what they’ll receive next since it’s a mixture of one-ingredient treats, hence the name. The bag contains slow-roasted, human-grade pieces of beef lung, trachea and spleen. Each beef bite tastes a little different, allowing our dogs to have a mystery experience when it comes to receiving praise and reinforcement when they’re behaving in the house.

The third pack the dogs were able to try was the “Wild-Caught Salmon Treats” from Green Butterfly Brands. These treats are a little different from the other two since they are freeze-dried. My dogs had never had freeze-dried treats until they tried these, but they were a hit! The salmon treats are strong in smell, making them attractive to any dog. One thing I noticed with these treats is that because they are freeze-dried, they are lighter and puffier in consistency, and the dogs tended to consume them quicker than the others. Due to this, personally, I would not use them during training and instead use them more sparingly, like perhaps after we ask our dogs to kennel up or go to their bed. While freeze-dried treats aren’t our typical go-to, we will definitely consider them in the future, and since they are one-ingredient treats, they are a healthy choice.

We are happy to say that our dogs were more than satisfied with the new treats we introduced them to. All three treats we received from Green Butterfly Brands — Natural Turkey Treats, Tail Mix and Wild-Caught Salmon Treats — are made with locally sourced ingredients and manufactured in the United States. Because of their grain-free and limited-ingredient options, Green Butterfly Brands would be the perfect option for any pet who has a grain intolerance or has eliminated grain from its diet. Since the treats are both natural and healthy, they should appeal to any dog or cat owner whose primary concerns are the health, happiness and satisfaction of their pet.

A mission that hits home

If that wasn’t enough to incline you to purchase treats from Green Butterfly Brands, the company also donates a portion of its proceeds to go toward training service dogs for disabled veterans, our military heroes. After reading about their mission, I felt like this is a great brand to support, not only because they give back, but also because I, too, assist in the training of service dogs for people with disabilities. Even though I give back through puppy raising, I also love supporting companies that strive to improve the quality of lives of people with disabilities. Want to try Green Butterfly Brands? Visit their website or shop now on Amazon.

About the Author: Fanta and Friends is made up of a pack of three Labrador retrievers from Houston, Texas, who love to share tips, tricks and treats from their dog-friendly experiences. Follow us along on Instagram at @FantaandFriends to keep up with trio.

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