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Pupfluence is a premiere network of 5,000+ pet influencers, bloggers and content creators that can help your brand connect with advocates who can share your story. We strive to house a platform where brands can build relationships to the most active community of pet influencers in the world.

In addition to helping you find you quality influencers to partner with, Pupfluence offers a multitude of ways to boost engagement on your social media pages and offers assistance in various areas, such as giveaways as well as brand ambassador and model searches.

We invite you to join this passionate community by signing up for a free-trial where you can have access to our most popular services. Click here to view a full list of services offered by Pupfluence.

Vendor Application

  • Please choose the lowest you're willing to accept.
    *Accounts with over 25,000 followers
  • If all products are available, write "All."
    There is an inherent risk anytime a vendor sends free product to an influencer. While it rare, occasionally an influencer may fail to post in the designated timeframe. In these situations, we will follow up with the influencer and remind them to follow through with the requirements they committed to; however, we cannot guarantee that the influencer will meet all requirements.