Door Buddy

Door Buddy is searching for cat influencers to promote the Door Buddy Combo Pack! The strap is designed to allow cats access to rooms, while keeping dogs out, while the door stopper prevents cats from locking themselves in or out of rooms, as well as preventing pinched tails.

Posting Requirements

  • 1 feed post (Posted within 2 weeks of receiving product)
    • Tag @pupfluence & @thedoorbuddy
    • Hashtags to include: #pupfluencer #BecauseCatsNeedSpace #DoorBuddy #TheDoorBuddy #Ad
    • Mention SPACE4CATS can be used to save 20% off at
  • 2 stories, if applicable
    • Tag @pupfluence & @thedoorbuddy
  • Cross-promote on Facebook (For pets with Facebook pages)
  • Review posted to company’s website (5 sentence minimum)
  • Provide 3-5 original photos  and 1-2 videos to be used by this vendor in marketing materials (submit on form below)
  • When all requirements are fulfilled, complete the Post Submission Form.

Minimum Requirements

  • Open to Influencers Internationally (international influencers are responsible for shipping fees)