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I’m Yasmin, a professional photographer and Zayn is my F1 Standard Goldendoodle.  I come from an animal trainer and researcher background and when I transitioned to photography, I knew animals and pets were going to be a big part of it. In just this past year, we have donated/raised over $3000 towards local rescues, vet hospitals and zoos to help animals in need. I offer fine art pet sessions at my studio, with the goal of documenting the relationship we have with our pets. Being proficient in photographing in a studio setting as well as on location, means I can offer a larger variety of images and content, including drone footage as well.
Zayn and I live an active lifestyle. Based in the SW, we have access to a variety of locations such as our iconic desert landscape, but also close proximity to mountains, forests, lakes, red rocks, etc.  We love to swim, hike, participate in charity fun runs/walks, and Zayn is also active in agility and scent work. He’s a big boy with a heart of gold and a rainbow tail! Zayn is my best buddy and my life revolves around running my business and keeping him active, healthy and happy.
Arizona, United States
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