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Jack Russell, a lively blend of Terrier and Staffy, embodies the essence of a modern lifestyle influencer. With a surname that seems destined for the limelight, Jack is more than just a charming face. His intelligence shines through as he astounds audiences with his repertoire of over 50+ tricks. Food-driven, Jack maintains a raw-fed diet, although he’s open to occasional culinary adventures for special gigs. Specializing in travel and food content, he’s the go-to pup for creating captivating scenes.

Jack can even string together tricks upon request, crafting seamless sequences. While he’s a true dog enthusiast, he’s open to working with feline co-stars who are dog-friendly and curious. His versatility shines as he takes cues from hand gestures, voice commands, or a blend of both. Just watch out for those pesky balloon pops and fireworks, as they’re not on Jack’s list of favourites. With a track record of influencer experience spanning product reviews, video content, venue invitations, and diverse experiences, Jack Russell is the four-legged influencer ready to elevate any project to new heights.

London, England
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