Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become an Elite Influencer?

To be considered an an Elite Influencer, you must have at least 25,000 followers! In addition to follower account, we also look for influencers with exceptional photo/video content.

If you meet these requirements, you can request to become part of our Elite Network by filling out our Registration Form. We will review your application, and you will receive an email when your application is approved or denied. Upon approval, please make sure to login and update your profile picture and any relevant information on your profile.

What is the difference between an Elite Influencer and a Pupfluencer?

Elite Influencers are those who have proven to product exceptional content and have a larger influence on social media. The key difference is Elite Influencers are paid for each post.

How do I request products?

After your Registration Form has been approved, you may begin requesting products on our platform! All current opportunities are listed under the menu Influencer Opportunities. When completing your request, please make sure to input the rate you charge for either one feed or one story post. Please disregard the number of posts required listed under Posting Requirements. Each vendor will likely pay for only one feed post, one story post or both.

How do I update my profile?

To update your profile, click Account in the top menu after logging in. To edit your information and/or profile photo, click the gear icon in the top right corner and click Edit Profile. You can also view your current requests in the Requests tab.

How will I know if I get chosen to work with a vendor?

We will contact you via Instagram (from @pupfluence or @pupgagement) or email ( if you are chosen to review the product you requested. You will also receive an email from our team letting you know your request has been approved. If the brand would like to offer you a different posting rate, we’ll be in contact to negotiate.

How long does it take to find out if I'm accepted to review a product?

The amount of time varies from vendor to vendor. Some vendors choose influencers frequently (on a weekly basis), some select a few accounts per month, and others take up to one month or longer to even filter through requests. If you haven’t heard back after one month, feel free to submit another request.

How do I know which vendors are willing to pay for posts?

To make it easier on you, we’ve marked which vendors have notified us that they are willing to pay for posts from Elite Influencers. You can find these on the Paid Collaborations page. If there are other vendors listed who you would love to work with, don’t hesitate to place a request! Many vendors are willing to pay if an exceptional page comes along.

How do I submit posts for review?

We ask that all Elite Influencers send their draft posts for approval to prior to posting. This allows the vendor to review your post and make any necessary edits, and it also ensures that we have payment ready for you.

In your emails, please include a full copy of your caption and the image(s) or videos you plan to use. If you are submitting a draft story, please prepare the story on Instagram or Facebook, save the image and submit this as your draft.

How do I get paid after making my sponsored post?

In order to receive payment via PayPal, please send your post to @pupfluence on Instagram or email to with your PayPal email. Payments are typically made within 24 hours.