Fera Pet Organics

Fera Pet is searching for influencers to promote their cat and dog supplements.

Posting Requirements

  • 1 Instagram post (posted within two weeks of receiving products)
    • Tag @pupfluence & @ferapetorganics
    • Hashtags to include: #pupfluencer #ferapetorganics
    • Mention PUPFLUENCE can be used to save 10% off at ferapetorganics.com
  • Review Canine Hip & Joint on Chewy.com and company’s website (5 sentence minimum)
  • Review Probiotics with Organic Prebiotics on Chewy.com and company’s website (5 sentence minimum)
  • Review Fish Oil on Chewy.com and company’s website (5 sentence minimum)
  • Provide 3-5 original photos to be used by this vendor in marketing materials
  • When all requirements are fulfilled, complete the Post Submission Form.

Minimum Requirements

  • U.S. & Canadian Influencers Only
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