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Hello, my name is Carolyn and I work full time as a contracted Narcotics K9 Handler with my two dogs Kohnen and Meekha.
I also compete in various dog sports with several of my other dogs.

I currently have
1 solid black stock coated German Shepherd 4 year old male – Kohnen
1 black sable long coated German Shepherd 7 year old female – Mia
1 dark sable stock coated German Shepherd young female – DOB August 7, 2019 / Shye-Ann
1 dark sable stock coated German Shepherd puppy female – DOB June 1, 2020 / Ehna-Rue
1 Beauceron / Harlequin color young female – DOB August 26, 2019 / Paxx Romana
1 Belgian Malinois Sable fawn with a black mask 2.5 year old female – Meekha

I have loved photography for many years as well as enjoyed working with several companies providing high quality photos with their products. We enjoy dog sports, dog shows and being surrounded by the outdoors. We live on 14 acres in the middle of the woods only a few miles from one of the largest lakes in Georgia that we visit often.

Georgia, United States
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