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Making Fetch Happen: The Amazing Bunji Ball

By December 29, 2018November 11th, 2019No Comments

You might as well call Boston and Griffin Gretchen Weiners, because they are always trying to make fetch happen. Luckily for these two pups, Regina George is no where in sight so fetch IS going to happen! And, it is courtesy of our new Bunji Ball.

About Bunji Ball

One of my favorite things about the Bunji Ball is that when I read about the history of the product, I felt like I had so much in common with its creator, Steve, that I knew I liked the product even before I launched the first throw. Like Steve, my pups could fetch for days, leaving me with a hand full of slobber, a sore arm, and lots of destroyed tennis balls. Both Steve and I had the same thought — there’s got to be a better way! However, unlike Steve, I’m not a former baseball player who threw their arm out from years of sports . . . I’m just someone who can’t throw the ball very far in the first place 🙂

According to the Bunji Ball website, “[t]he Amazing Bunjiball, a patented fetch toy designed to be safe for the thrower, but can be launched up to 200 or more feet and durable enough to last is a prize possession for two and four legged fetch players everywhere.” Note: we can confirm!

The ball itself is made of a very durable thermoplastic rubber that can’t be chewed through like a tennis ball. This is a must for people like me who have dogs that like to chew as much as they like to fetch! The ball is still a bright yellow color like a tennis ball, which we appreciate because it makes it easier to find if the girls get distracted by something like a squirrel after I throw it.

The chord, however, is what makes the Bunji Ball a truly amazing product. I have tried similar toys in the past where the girls were able to easily chew through the rope just by playing with the toy. The Bunji Ball chord, by contrast, consists of a weighted shock chord with a patented anchoring system that allows weak-armed dog owners like me launch the ball up to 200 feet with just a flick of the wrist. For you mathletes out there, this means that it uses the elasticity of the shock cord and an ergonomic plastic grip in a less invasive way than a manual, overhead throwing motion. For you non-mathletes, it means that it is thrown just like a softball pitcher: by rotating clockwise 360 degrees and is released just out in front of the throwing side hip. The chord is 12.5 inches in length and is covered in nylon for a bright, fun design.

Is Bunji Ball For You?

The short answer is, yes!

Bunji Ball is for any pup who likes fetch, likes to chew, or if you have two dogs, likes to play tug of war. Although not one of their advertised benefits, this is probably one of my other favorite things about the Bunji Ball – the girls had a blast playing tug with each other while one held the ball and the other held the chord.

The Bunji Ball is also for dog owners who need a little extra umpf in their throwing arm, don’t want to pick up a slobbery ball that their dog just retrieved, and want the convenience of an easy to carry toy that doesn’t require a cumbersome throwing stick or any other accessory to use.

In addition to not needing any accessories, the ball is light weight, and easy to clean as well — a simple rinse in the sink will wash off most dirt and grime, and it dries quickly, too.

Most importantly, Bunji Ball won’t break the bank, either. Bunji Ball is priced at an affordable $12.95 (taxes and shipping are extra). Some fetch toys are priced significantly higher, yet aren’t of the same quality and durability as the Bunji Ball.

As it says right on the packaging, fetch has never been so fun and easy!

The Last Woof

We highly recommend this product. Boston and Griffin play hard, and the Bunji Ball has not only proved to be indestructible (a rare feat for toys these two get their paws on), but also, the girls love it. They get excited every time they see me reach for it, and the ability to throw farther helps me tire them out faster.

Now, off to make fetch happen!

About the Author: The Dobie Sisters are two rescued Dobermans currently living in Blowing Rock, NC.  Follow us on both Instagram (@dobiesisters) and our blog to follow our adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains and beyond, and to learn more about the gear, treats, and toys that fuel us along the way.

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